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Get guidance you can trust throughout your divorce

When you work with our attorney, you'll get the most efficient legal service possible. We'll help you through every aspect of the process, including identifying assets, filing for divorce, and child custody issues. You'll get affordable divorce legal support from filing to completion.

  • Child custody matters, including custody modifications

  • Alimony matters, including spousal support and maintenance

  • Property division: division of all assets and debts fairly


We'll work closely with you to you and, if possible, your ex can work to divide assets and debts fairly. Otherwise, a Michigan judge will use equitable division, which means your assets are divided by what the judge considers fair.

Depend on us for support for:

Our aggressive attorneys will work closely with you through the process. We'll answer all of your questions, provide you with fair, frank information, and guide you through any court appearances necessary. We're reliable and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Understand your legal rights throughout the process

Expect personalized legal advice and representation throughout all aspects

of divorce.

Discuss your divorce case with our experienced attorneys. Call us today.



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